Easter Escapades

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Easter Escapades

Easter Escapades – From Orkney to Ile de Ré

As the days lengthen and wanderlust takes hold, our GlamperRV customers are on the move with Easter Escapades! Whether it’s chasing warmer climes or embracing the freedom of a weather-independent drivng holiday, a GlamperRV escape offers the perfect blend of comfort and exploration.

I thought I’d share with you campsites currently being enjoyed by our customers in truly unique locations – from the windswept beauty of the Orkneys to the sun-kissed shores of Ile de Ré.


Unveiling the Magic of the Orkneys: Orkney Caravan Park

For the truly adventurous, a GlamperRV trip to the Orkney Islands promises an unforgettable experience. A short ferry ride from the mainland brings you to Kirkwall, a charming town on the main island. Here, you’ll find the Orkney Caravan Park, a central location adjacent to The Pickaquoy Centre, a haven for sports and leisure activities.

This vibrant town also boasts a variety of restaurants and pubs within walking distance, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration.

One of the joys of a GlamperRV trip is the ability to venture off the beaten path. Thanks to our innovative off-grid technology, you can truly embrace the remote beauty of the Orkneys. Numerous un-serviced parking areas offer overnight stays, allowing you to explore hidden coves and ancient sites at your own pace. Remember to respect the environment and leave no trace as you create lasting memories in this magical archipelago.

Isle of Skye: Portree Camping – Your Gateway to Adventure

Connected by a bridge to the mainland, the Isle of Skye offers a more accessible alternative to the remote Orkneys, while still boasting breathtaking scenery. While the island offers plenty of off-grid overnight locations, sometimes the convenience of a dedicated campsite is a welcome haven. Portree Camping, a favourite amongst our customers, is nestled in a stunning location just a short walk from the charming town of Portree. Explore local shops, restaurants, and sightseeing opportunities, all within easy reach of your GlamperRV.

French Flair Awaits: Flower Camping Le Bel Air, Ile de Ré
Seeking a touch of Gallic charm? Look no further than Flower Camping Le Bel Air on the picturesque Ile de Ré, a captivating island off the west coast of France. This campsite enjoys a prime location within the pretty village of La Flotte, offering easy access to shops, cafes, and local attractions.

Arrive early in the season to avoid the summer crowds and truly immerse yourself in the island’s charm. A network of traffic-free cycle paths crisscrosses Ile de Ré, making it a perfect base camp for exploring the island by bike. Whether you’re using it as a launchpad for a wider West Coast adventure or simply seeking a relaxing French escape, GlamperRV provides the perfect home away from home on Ile de Ré.

We hope these Easter Escapades have inspired you to start dreaming of your next GlamperRV adventure!