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GlamperRV bespoke, luxury A class motorhomes are the epitome of style, luxury and comfort. Available for self-drive, luxury motorhome hire in the UK and Europe or to buy both new and used. If you love the idea of an adventure in the countryside or visiting festivals but not being stuck in a muddy field with limited facilities then you will love GlamperRV! Never has a luxury motorhome had so much style.


Our clients love GlamperRV

  • positive review First time for the family and I holidaying in a motor-home and it was made effortless by the GlamperRV team of Lucy and Helder.

    We headed off to Salcombe and Fowey for a few days, which was in hindsight a little adventurous based on the small roads and my limited experience of driving anything like this. But as a newbie everything was taken care of and made easy for me…. From the booking process, driver checks etc. with Lucy to how Helder took me on a test drive to give me the basics along with a great overview of how to live in the highly spec’d motor-home.

    A new experience that we will definitely do again through GlamperRV down to the obvious high spec and luxurious camper (excellent Wifi, seating, wine glasses 😊 and host of extras) experience but more because of the support given by Lucy and Helder that made it easy for anyone to enjoy.

    David Brown Avatar
    David Brown

    positive review We hired a GlamperRV for a long weekend and it was simply great. Plenty of space for 2 people and four bikes (2 mtb, 2 road), plus bbq etc. We booked ahead and stayed in campsites (complying with all COVID requirements), and we were able to be completely self-contained due to the much bigger than expected fridge on board, plus the shower (which worked really well) and the on board loo.

    In the future, post COVID, we’d be more adventurous and wild-camp in some of the permitted overnight parking spots recommended in the searchforsites app.

    We will be back, for sure. Great motor homes, great customer service and loads of fun.

    Jerry Bird Avatar
    Jerry Bird
  • positive review We hired a Glamper RV for a weekend road trip, which happened to fall over the weekend of Storm Dennis! Despite the very kind offer from Lucy to move our booking back by a few days to miss the worst of the storm, we braved it and spent three warm and cosy (if a little rocky!!) nights on board. Everything was meticulously explained at pick up, and our driver appreciated the quick practise journey before we set off. The Brit Stops handbook was particularly helpful- we didn’t book anywhere, instead calling places on the day to ask to stay that night. This led to the discovery of some lovely pubs! We loved the spontaneity and freedom (while still in a arm, clean environment!) and had a fantastic weekend. We’ll be back!

    Sally Warnes Avatar
    Sally Warnes

    positive review We have just got back form a really great weekend travelling around the Norfolk coastline. The RV was brilliant fun, fully kitted out and a real feel of luxury. A bit daunting to drive if you haven't driven one before but, its super easy to drive and you get the hang of it in no time! will be back for our Scotland trip next year! thank you Lucy for all your help and for helping to change our original booking! Lindsay still wont let me buy the one you should us, but I'm working on her 😉

    David Beattie Avatar
    David Beattie
  • positive review I used Glamper RV throughout the 2019 race season. Lucy and her team are brilliant. The camper was always perfectly appointed and ready to go when I got there and they were very flexible with the returns. The camper itself is excellent. Sadly I never got to try the AC out, it always seemed to be raining every weekend. I look forward to the 2020 season.

    Pete Bassill Avatar
    Pete Bassill

    positive review We hired the Glamper for 2 months over Sept and Oct 2019. We drove from London, through France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and back to the UK through France again. We drove over 4,000 miles so we have a pretty good idea of how the van works. The beds are very comfy, the style and design of the van is gorgeous, including the lighting which is really swish and well placed throughout the van. The storage is well thought out. The sat nav is super helpful as it has the van height and width pre-confirmed so you never go down the wrong road and get stuck. Driving the van is very easy and the back camera helps reversing. The fridge is huge which is helpful on a long journey to stock up on food and the size of the kitchen and seating area is perfect. Glamper RV have thought of stuff that other company's just haven’t, like having a hair dryer or lovely wine glasses or the kettle. Lucy is amazing and the service is spot on. If you are considering hiring a motorhome, I wouldn’t even bother going anywhere else. This is the best in the industry, worth every penny and you won’t be disappointed. The quality is in the name, the whole experience was just Glam!

    Daniel Burnett Avatar
    Daniel Burnett
  • positive review Great RV - home from home and cozy on a rainy evening! We had a wonderful time touring the North Norfolk coast. Highly recommended - many thanks Lucy for all the kind touches and the cake!!

    Dave Clare Avatar
    Dave Clare

    positive review This was our first time motorhome family holiday to a faraway country. Our family of four 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦, travelled from Singapore 🇸🇬to London to explore Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿for 10 days in June’19. The Glamper 🚚felt like a home and we enjoyed a memorable, fantastic journey through Wales. Thank you Lucy for all your help and offering a great service. We will definitely be back again 😎!

    Stefan Gisin Avatar
    Stefan Gisin