Find a luxury motorhome that met our expectations.

Our Story

GlamperRV was created out of a personal desire to find a luxury motorhome that met our expectations in terms of style, features and performance.

Having searched high and low, we decided that the way forward was to identify a base model that ticked many of our needs and then to dramatically enhance this base to reflect our personal style and requirements.

From a full exterior paint to a fresh, contemporary interior, more in keeping with a luxury yacht, we created something totally unique and beautiful.  We then set about installing the additional technology that was important for our planned off grid excursions – solar energy, mobile WiFi, Nespresso machine, hair dryer and even plug sockets for the toaster, laptop, hair straighteners and more!

It very quickly became apparent that we were not the only ones who dreamed of owning or hiring a stunning home on wheels that reflected their own taste. GlamperRV was founded and our bespoke motorhomes are available for hire and for sale.

Today we are creating bespoke motorhomes for discerning clients, painting exteriors in a variety of solid colours, creating interiors to reflect personal tastes whilst staying true to our principle of creating a motorhome that offers the opportunity to explore in style and comfort.

We hope to have the opportunity to help you find a luxury motorhome to buy or hire and introduce you to GlamperRV.


Lucy & Raphael Caillé