Gift a GlamperRV for Christmas

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Gift a GlamperRV this Christmas

Gift a GlamperRV this Christmas.

My boys are growing up fast and this Christmas, as teenagers, I am keen to create memories rather than cluttering up our house with yet more ‘stuff’ (although they still loved receiving their chocolate advent calendar this morning!)

Whilst I obviously have a slight advantage when gifting a GlamperRV adventure, I do like to give all my boys the option to decide what activities they want to enjoy whilst away on the trip.  Based on their Christmas lists, next year we are going to have to include downhill mountain biking, golf and fast cars!

I appreciate for many that just going away on a GlamperRV adventure is an amazing experience in its own right.  Enjoying the quiet of an off-grid overnight stay, the fire pit to toast marshmallows and the special family time that you can only get whilst ‘camping’.

If you decide to gift a GlamperRV adventure this Christmas, we have created a beautifully designed card that you can personalise along with pointers for trip planning.  You could also add a copy of Martin Dorey’s highly acclaimed Take the Slow Road: England and Wales or membership of Brit Stops or the Motorhome Club.  What better way to busy oneself over the festive period than planning a trip!

A GlamperRV adventure is really made by the planning.  I personally like to create rather elaborate annotated slides to map out the route complete with overnight stops, restaurants, attractions and much more.  Booking the dates is just the start of months of fun!

Christmas gift cards must be ordered by Friday 16th December to ensure delivery in the UK for Christmas.  They can be full or part payment, stored as a credit on our booking system or booked for specific dates.

If you would like to discuss a personal requirement please do get in touch.