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GlamperRV expands to offer purchase and franchise opportunities

Further to GlamperRV’s hugely successful launch as a self-drive hire business in 2015, Buckinghamshire based Carte Blanche Ventures Ltd is excited to announce the retail launch of GlamperRV, the first ever A-class motorhome developed to provide high end customers with a bespoke, self-sufficient vehicle that is the epitome of style, luxury and comfort.

By dramatically enhancing the exterior, with a choice of stylish colours, and providing a number of core improvements to both style, functionality and technology internally, including Vanessa Arbuthnott fabrics and self-sufficient mains electricity through solar and in-built generator charge, GlamperRV has succeeded in creating a new, exciting and hugely appealing motorhome for the discerning customer.

This is the first motorhome on the market which matches the style of some of its smaller competitors yet has the luxury and functionality associated with a larger vehicle and all under 3,500kg it is driveable with a standard car driving licence.

In parallel with sales, GlamperRV is launching a franchise programme which offers GlamperRV owners who wish to share the joy of staying in their very special ‘hotel on wheels’ a unique opportunity to gain a significant financial return as a franchisee.

Commenting on the launch, GlamperRV founder and Managing Director, Lucy Caillé said:

“We are hugely excited to bring GlamperRV to market following a 2-year development programme in which we have created a truly self-sufficient vehicle that oozes style and comfort.

“GlamperRV was born out of our desire for adventure without sacrificing on the luxuries we do not want to live without – Nespresso machine, hot shower and hair dryer to name a few!  Our self-drive hire customers seem to share this dream and there is most definitely a huge opportunity for GlamperRV franchises to operate successfully around the country”.