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Messages from expats

Dear Lucy & team
Wow, what a great decision it was to hire a GlamperRV for our return to the UK this year.  For the first time since moving to Hong Kong, I didn’t spend our entire time back visiting friends and family in the UK packing and unpacking!  What an added luxury to have the same, super comfy bed for our two week trip not to mention the excitement of the kids!

Thank you!  We will be back😊

Dot, Hong Kong


Thanks for a fantastic trip – the RV was exactly what we needed to get out and see the country and what a surprise our parents got when we parked up on the drive!  Brilliant fun.
Mandy, Dubai

Just a couple of the many lovely emails we have received from expats enjoying the benefit of GlamperRV for their return home.  With a brother and many friends living overseas I understand the challenges of travelling home for the holidays.  Many are used to a very privileged life in the UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore – there is someone on hand to do the domestic chores, non-stop activities for the children and an Instagram life in the sunshine.

Returning back to the UK means travelling between different families, visiting friends who have moved from your once central London hub to disparate counties all over the country and generally wanting to show your children their ‘homeland’.

Whilst any motorhome hire is a huge thrill to children of any age, hiring a luxury GlamperRV is a thrill for the parents as well – a fair few notches above the rest in terms of quality – think of our luxury White Company bed linen and towels, the Nespresso machine tucked away for your morning coffee, the USB ports for charging devices and the mobile WiFi to name a few.  What’s more all of this will work off the battery so no need for an electric hook up when staying with friends, you are totally self-sufficient.  In case you are concerned about the heating (and I know how cold it must feel to you over here in Blighty when the mercury is diving outside), worry not, you can set the temperature as you choose and you will find it very cosy.

Our Buckinghamshire HQ is only 40 minutes from London Heathrow and for a small additional charge we can arrange to have you met.  If you think this ticks the boxes for your Christmas travels then do get in touch.