Site Spotlight - Romantic Hideaways for your GlamperRV adventure

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Site Spotlight – Romantic Hideaways

We hope that our Site spotlight – Romantic Hideaways inspires you for a GlamperRV adventure.

With romance in the air at this time of year, how about some romantic hideaways for our site spotlight?  Our own GlamperRV adventures are generally shared with our teenage boys so as you can imagine, even with a French husband, romance is not quite on the agenda:)  We do however talk of the day when it will just be the two of us and for those trips I am building up a long list of idyllic locations.

My idea of a romantic GlamperRV hideaway is to be parked as far off the beaten track as possible and so this week let’s take a look at some of the options.

Roundhill Camping

Firstly and pretty obviously, the more rural you travel the easier it is to find remote spots to overnight.  Another top tip is to travel out of season when generally less people are out and about after dark.  It may be frosty outside but snuggled up in your GlamperRV, what could be more romantic!

If you are new to off-grid camping and yearn for the chance to get off the beaten track into the privacy and seclusion of the wild then take a look at Wild with consent.  Recently established, they are doing a fantastic job of connecting ‘campers’ with rural landowners, who have consented to your being there.  A couple of their locations include:

Grafton Lock, Cotswolds
Located a stone’s throw from the River Thames, this Oxfordshire site offers brilliant access to the river for paddle boarding, kayaking and wild swimming. The site is in an expansive field surrounded by trees which make it feel very private. Wake up to the sound of wind in the trees and beautiful birdsong before spending a day moseying down the river or exploring the beautiful Costwold villages. Walk along the Thames Path to pubs at Radcot Bridge or Kelmscott where you can pay a visit to William Morris’ Kelmscott Manor.

Dunstan Hill, Northumberland
With stunning views out to Dunstanburgh Castle, this rural location in your own field offers the upmost privacy on a popular stretch of coastline.  You will be parked up away from the crowds but remain within walking distance of the beach.  The ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle tower over the Northumberland coastline in the distance creating a spectacular backdrop to your romantic dinner under the stars.

Our membership of Britstops opens up a wide range of peaceful overnight spots and over the years we have stayed on some lovely vineyards here in the UK and look forward to one day touring the vineyards of France.  There is one based near Wallingford in Oxfordshire where you will be invited to park up by the vines before sampling some of the best vintages.

There is also something incredibly romantic about sleeping overnight in a forest, especially those where animals are free to roam.  The Camping in the Forest sites in the New Forest offer you exactly that although my tip would be to avoid peak season and park on the edge to enjoy the solitude of the natural surroundings.

For the last two summer seasons, the Scottish Forestry commission has allowed overnight parking in its car parks and whilst they are currently closed, undergoing a consultation we all hope that they continue this scheme which offers some incredible wild locations to stay overnight.

I think you will agree that whilst romantic, all of these locations also offer a great alternative to the traditional campsite so I do hope you find the resources useful when planning your trip.

Go explore in style and comfort.