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GlamperRV insights, the Motorhome Show

The annual motorhome jamboree has descended on the NEC in Birmingham this week for the motorhome show.  In my role as your eyes and ears on all things ‘motorhome’ I paid a visit so that I can share with you the latest innovations in the industry.

The vehicles themselves continue to disappoint with the main manufacturers turning out the tried and tested – yes, you got it, white.  They are matched with bland interiors, both of which are a stark contrast with our own beautifully designed GlamperRV, which we take such pride in creating.

The only exception to this in our eyes is the Morelo brand.  The level of luxury is second to none although with an entry point price tag north of £250,000 you would expect no less.  I am not sure what our insurers will think about the addition of one of these to our self drive hire fleet! We are however considering how we could make one available for delivered event hire in the future.   Do let us know if you think this would be of interest.

As those of you who read this know, I am passionate about travelling and love to share with you destinations that I believe you will enjoy.  I have come away from the show with plenty of ideas for future ‘Trip of the month’ newsletters. A new entrant to the market that caught my attention was Wilder.  They are developing technology to help you plan your routes efficiently.  I will be testing it to plan route suggestions and will share them with you in the coming months.

The underlying message I took away from the motorhome show was the impact of inflation on the industry.  Prices are 20-30% higher compared with 2021 and my feeling is that they are only going in one direction.  I often get asked by those looking to buy a motorhome – have second hand prices peaked?  My belief is unfortunately not. With inflation on new motorhomes pricing them so much higher and with supply at an all time low, I think it is unlikely to change much in the coming years.

If you are considering buying your own GlamperRV but would like to hire before you buy please do get in touch to discuss the packages we offer.