Non-traditional overnight spots for your GlamperRV adventure

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The rise of non-traditional overnight spots

Non-traditional overnights spots for your GlamperRV adventure.

With the summer season in full swing our fleet of GlamperRV are busy exploring all corners of the British Isles.  As such, we are getting some fantastic overnight site recommendations from customers and look forward to sharing these with you when our ‘Site Spotlight’ resumes to inspire you during the dark winter months.

One of the game changers this year with the Staycation boom is the rise of the alternative to the traditional campsite with a whole host of non-traditional overnight spots for your GlamperRV adventure.

As those who have holidayed in a GlamperRV know, we have always been a fan of the established BritStops, a directory listing thousands of pubs, farms and even vineyards offering overnight parking off the beaten track.  This year however we have seen a whole host of alternative platforms pop up offering non traditional overnight parking and I really hope they flourish as they will present some incredible locations for overnight stays in the years to come.

Wild with consent and Camp at my Place are just two of those offering pitches on private land, either in locations close to popular amenities or at the other end of the scale in wild locations offering a secure, remote spot with breathtaking views. Many of these locations are chosen for their beauty, views and sense of isolation which is just what many GlamperRV customers dream of when planning their adventure.

In addition the National Trust are piloting a scheme to create the French style ‘aire‘ overnight parking areas in some of their car parks.  This pilot is at Aira Force in the Lake District where they are charging £10 per night. Let’s hope it is a success as I am sure it will benefit their membership numbers.

The Campaign for Real Aires in the UK are lobbying landowners and councils up and down the country to provide safe, secure overnight parking areas for motorhomes and campervans. To follow new locations do join their Facebook group.

Campsites most definitely have their place in the jigsaw and at GlamperRV we are really excited about this expansion of the industry.  It will create many more options for our customers and importantly more ideas with which to provide inspiration!