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Trip of the Month – Highlights of 2015

As we look back on 2015 I wanted to share with you the highlights of our first year exploring with GlamperRV.  If like us there are many parts of the country you are keen to discover in 2016 and want to know the best parking spots for GlamperRV please let me know and I will happily do the research!

GlamperRV kicked off in March with the arrival of our first vehicle into the UK.  First stop was the paint shop, then off to the curtain factory, electrical workshop and finally home for the long awaited unveiling to GlamperRV Juniors!  This came with the comment – ‘Mummy can’t we sell our house and live in GlamperRV all year’ – how simple life is through the eyes of a 4 year old!

April brought with it sunshine and our first family outing, exploring the Kent countryside.  We found ourselves on a gloriously sunny Easter Monday in the village of Hever and a day out at Hever Castle.  If you haven’t been I would hugely recommend it – fabulous gardens with loads to keep littles ones busy and ample parking for GlamperRV.

A little planning for our May half term trip to the Cotswold Water Park delivered in spades.  We found the most idyllic parking spot next to a lovely pub (The Crown Inn, Cerney Wick) where we even had an electric hock up, self-made football pitch and were never too far away from a pint! Great to see our little ones cycle not stop for two days exploring the lakes, hides and other delights that this wonderful area has in store.

We had yet to brave a festival with the family and decided there would be no better way to test the water than with GlamperRV as we headed up to Carfest North.  A great weekend and definitely the envy of those braving it under canvas as the heavens opened and we were warm, dry and snugJ

The summer holidays arrived and following a dose of hot sunshine in the South of France we drove GlamperRV up to Scotland to explore the stunning landscapes. Blessed with dry weather and even some sunshine GlamperRV really came into its own allowing us to create our hotel room in some of the most dramatic sceneries.  Our first real appreciation of GlamperRV’s fitted midge screens especially as we watched the sunset in Arisaig and the little bugs came out to feast!  To our delight this trip was voted the best trip of the summer by all the family (and considering the beaches of Corsica that says something!)

Finally after all the testing, we officially launch GlamperRV and show it off at the Kop Hill Climb over a glorious September weekend.  Over a hundred tours and meetings with lots of lovely potential customers told us we were onto something exciting so thank you everyone who came to visit and make it such a success!

October half term and we were off on the ferry from Holyhead to Ireland as hubby runs the Dublin Marathon and we decide to double up with a family trip to the Green Isle.  Found a great tip online to park up at Howth Harbour – a charming little port with fishing ships going in and out and on the end of the metro line into the City centre.  Just perfect!

To round up the year we decided to make the most of GlamperRV during Christmas party season using it as our mobile hotel for the office bash.  So if you’re off to a wedding or party in a remote location next year do consider hiring GlamperRV – great not to have to worry about when to book the taxi!

At GlamperRV HQ we are busy preparing for 2016 and what will be a busy year!  We look forward to seeing you and tempting you with many more fun adventures!