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Trip of the Month – GlamperRV Festival Focus

As our fleet of GlamperRV have disappeared off to the West Country to provide luxury Glastonbury accommodation for some very lucky festival goers, I thought it appropriate to focus my trip of the month on visiting live events with GlamperRV and providing a few top tips.

Before I get into the detail I wanted to highlight some late availability that has just come up (the only availability left this summer!) from 27th June – 12th July due to a customer cancellation. If you are keen to take all or part of this period it is available online now (

Many of our customers hire a GlamperRV for a live event to provide the ultimate luxury experience and they all return with smirks on their faces saying how they were the envy of the paddock.  Not only do they win first prize for style but with the self-sufficient energy system on board they also win on the practicality stakes – a large fridge freezer; full sized shower, plug sockets that work when there is no electric plug-in so that everything from your milk warmer through to hair straighteners will work are just a few of the GlamperRV perks.

Our fleet of GlamperRV are well travelled and have visited a wide variety of live events from festivals such as Glastonbury, Latitude and Cornbury to sports events such as Le Mans, Goodwood and Formula 1.

Tickets for most of these events tend to go on sale well in advance and when booking make sure to buy your Campervan pass – most events have dedicated areas for motorhomes and campervans and it is essential that you have the right tickets.  If you want to snap up a GlamperRV you will also need to book up early as with the most popular events we are booked up before Christmas and very rarely get a cancellation.

One of the many advantage of taking GlamperRV to a festival, is that you can take exactly what you want as there is ample storage.  Whilst families heading off to Cornwall or Wales on a GlamperRV adventure pack the garage with bikes and outdoor equipment, for festival goers it is packed with beer and provisions!

Most festivals will have water points and waste management facilities but you should ensure that the site you are planning to stay on has these as you are likely to need them.  You will also find it useful to bring a large water container as invariably you will need to either empty waste water or fill with fresh.  We will provide you with a funnel to make filling up the water tank nice and simple.

Not many live events provide electricity points and if they do they are usually offered on a first come first served basis so you will want to arrive early to grab a spot.  Alternatively, I have known customers heading off in hot weather to pack a powerful generator in the garage to power the air conditioning! Not stupid when the thermometer tops 30degrees as we experienced earlier this week.

If you are heading off to a festival this summer and have not been lucky to bag a GlamperRV you may wish to remember that bookings for 2018 open on Sunday 10th September.