Will Glampervan follow glamping? Will GlamperRV follow glamping?

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Will Glampervan follow glamping into the Oxford English Dictionary?

What does it take for a word to be officially added to a language? Will Glampervan follow glamping as the next ‘glamp’ stem word to find its way into the Oxford English Dictionary following the inclusion of ‘glamping’ in 2016?

The Financial Times published an article in August 2020 considering the rise of the ‘Glampervan’ and a google news search for the term shows just how widely it is being used.

Whilst there are many examples of stunning ‘Glampervan’ van conversions that are a far cry from their humble origins (search #vanlife or #glampervan on Instagram and you will be presented with a wide range of inspiring images) there are many who are using the term glampervan in their marketing simply to appeal to a well healed demographic, hoping for the click on their link.  Do all of these really have the right to use the ‘glamp’ stem?

At GlamperRV we want to ensure that if Glampervan follows glamping into the dictionary and search increases then our offering appears front and centre and most importantly meets the users’ expectation.  It is why every year we review how we can make our luxury A class motorhomes even more glamorous so we maintain our position leading this trend for glamorous vans.  From Christopher Farr fabrics and Nespresso machines to White Company products, every additional item is carefully considered to provide guests with the journey they expect from a business using the ‘Glamp’ stem in their name.

So when someone asks the question will Glampervan follow glamping into the dictionary, the answer should be perhaps but GlamperRV should get there first!